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In 2000, Ken Behring founded The Wheelchair Foundation with a goal of delivering mobility to disabled people around the world, bringing hope, dignity, and freedom to the estimated 100 million people suffering from immobility. From its start in 2000 through the fall of 2007, they have delivered more than 625,000 wheelchairs to countries in Africa, Mexico, China, South America, the Middle East, and Asia, as well as to special places in the U.S. like the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. They distribute through an established network of organizations that are certified to import humanitarian aid duty-free and have established distribution channels in place. Behring’s book, The Road to Purpose, is an inspirational roadmap to success in life. To keep good works rolling forward to people in need,



Wheelchair Foundation World Headquarters

3820 Blackhawk Road,

Danville, California 94506 USA

Tel (877) 378-3839

Toll Free - North America

Fax: (925) 791-2346



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“Ken Behring discovered the true purpose of his life long after Forbes Magazine listed him as one of the 500 wealthiest men in America. It happened after his children all had children of their own, after he had built cities and owned a professional football team. It happened after he realized that material success couldn’t bring him the fulfillment he so desperately desired...”