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Web Sites for Rating Financial Efficiency of Nonprofit Organizations


Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance:


Charity Navigator: great for finding accountability and rankings of nonprofits 


Oprah (recommends some terrific Oprah-rated nonprofits):


Peter Drucker Foundation, Leader to Leader Institute:


Guide Star provides information to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving:


Web Sites for Direct On-Line Giving

DonorsChoose: (New York). Founded in 2000, they connect donors directly to classroom projects in public schools.


GlobalGiving: (Washington). Founded in 2000, this site allows donors to support international charitable causes.


Kiva: (San Francisco). Founded in 2005, Kiva allows people to lend funds at 0% interest to entrepreneurs in developing countries.


Modest Needs: (New York). Founded in 2002, this site allows people to make donations to low-income individuals who need short-term help.


OptINnow: (Chicago). Founded in 2008 by Opportunity International, this site permits the choice of a third-country individual in need of a small microcredit loan to create a business. This mini-amount maximizes entrepreneurship.Web Sites for Volunteer Opportunities