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PASSIONARY (def): One inspired passionately through vision and compassion to actively change the world for the better.


Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world but didn’t know where to start? Were you overwhelmed because you had neither the means nor avenues to pursue? Have you thought: “what difference can I make? I’m just one person?” After reading this spellbinding book your heart may be touched and changed forever—and you’ll never question what you can accomplish again. Passionaries’ thirty-five chapters profile leaders of successful volunteer-driven non-profit organizations that are significantly impacting millions of lives. Each story chronicles the personal inspiration behind the organization and the obstacles its creator had to overcome. The passionate entrepreneurs behind these organizations range in age from six to eighty-nine. Some are famous, some lesser known, but they all have accomplished extraordinary change. These heroes are making the world a better place and paving the way for millions of others to blaze their own visionary paths. Perhaps you’ll be one of them!


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Ken Blanchard, Co-Author; The One Minute Manager and The Secret: What Great Leaders Know:

This book dispels the myth that individuals can’t make a difference and suggests that each of us experience our greatest joy in serving others. A real inspiration.


Stan Curtis, Founder and Chairman of USA Harvest:

Passionaries provides proof that one person can still make an everlasting difference in our world.


Charles R. Schwab, Chairman & CEO of the Charles Schwab Corporation:

In a world dominated by negative news and cynicism, Barbara Metzler’s Passionaries is a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Barbara, for showing us the power and generosity of the human spirit. You inspire us all to reach new heights.

Dr. Robert Schuller, Senior Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral:

If you are questioning whether God still works through people, you’ll stop wondering after reading about these miraculous lives.


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