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Stop the negativity on TV and media.

Did you know…?

According to the Parents Television Council:


♥ The amount of violence depicted on six major broadcast networks from 8-11 p.m. doubled from 1998 to 2006, an average increase of 101%.


♥ By the time a child graduates from elementary school, they will have witnessed 8,000 murders on television.


♥ A profane word is used every six minutes on network television, and once every 2 minutes on premium cable shows.


♥ There are 2246 instances of violent, profane and sexual content in 180 hours of original family hour programming or 12.48 instances per television hour.


♥ Internationally, we wonder why Americans are so hated. Think about this: Baywatch is the #1 show in Egypt and the Middle East. What they are fed from television is what they believe Americans are like.


Does this make you angry? What can you do?


If you would like to sign our upcoming, “We Demand Positive Television” petition and have the opportunity to send it out for your friends and family to sign as well (we recommend that you send it to 20 others) please email us at We will send you the petition as soon as it is active. Once we have gathered 2 million signatures, this petition will be presented in person to the heads of all three networks and presented to the Congress of the United States and their governing board, the FCC. If your heart is ignited by this passion, check out Parents Television Council at and become an alert activist.


We need your help to make this movement viral in order to pass on the possibility of true change for the spirit of humanity.