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Barbara Metzler, Motivational Speaker and Author of Passionaries: Turning Compassion into Action and The Gift of Passionaries Changing Our World

As a successful entrepreneur turned author, Barbara Metzler is an expert on American giving, nonprofits, volunteerism, and most importantly, “passionaries,” a word she coined to mean “passionate visionaries.”


While raising her children, Metzler started five successful companies including The Farmer’s Wife, a multi-million dollar corporation selling tree-fruit byproducts. For 24 years, she has been involved with Young Presidents Organization, World Presidents Organization, and Chief Executives Organization. In 2007, she was named “California Woman of the Year.”


Through an amazing and eclectic network of renowned individuals, she is continually inspired to share stories of American greatness. Metzler imparts these powerful, seldom-told stories of individuals who have turned their passion into action through speaking engagements, two acclaimed books, Passionaries and The Gift of Passionaries, and political action to create positive change within the media and the world around us.


With television, radio and her upcoming Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) channel, Metzler profiles celebrities and everyday heroes who have moved social entrepreneurism forward.


Discover inspiring stories, tips and answers for everyone who’s ever wondered, “How can I make truly a difference?”

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