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The Gift of Passionaries (Book 2)

“New: Release Date:  April 9, 2009

The Gift: True stories of everyday heroes, American social entrepreneurs who provide leadership and inspiration to millions of volunteers. Learn the riveting genesis and growth of nonprofits like America’s Second Harvest and Food Banks, Samaritan’s Purse, Prison Fellowship, and Gifts in Kind International as well as corporate philanthropists and service groups exemplified by Kiwanis International and Rotary. You’ll meet heroes like…


Ken Behring…giving mobility to millions in need through Wheelchair Foundation


Catherine Rohr…creating success for felons with Prison Entrepreneurship Program


Chris Crane… giving a hand-up to the 3rd world poor with Opportunity International


Pat Blum…flying sick kids for treatment for free with CAN: Corporate Angel Network


Sports Passionaries including Stan Smith (Boys & Girls Clubs) & Lance Armstrong (Live Strong)

The Gift
Passionaries (Book 1)

“In passionaries, meet people who have turned their compassion into action and positively changed the world. Along with the 20 million volunteers in the organizations included in this book, these 35 heroes are making the world a better place and paving the way for millions of others to blaze their own visionary paths. A few of the passionaries profiled in this book are:


Stan Curtis, USA Harvest founder, now feeding 2 million hungry Americans every day


Millard Fuller, Habitat for Humanity founder, helped build homes for over 1 million people worldwide


Wendy Kopp, Teach for America founder, improving education for inner city children


Paul Newman, Newman’s Own and Hole In the Wall Camps founder, using retail to change humanity.