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(�pa-shen-er-e) n. � 2006

� A person driven by passion, vision and compassion to change the world for the better

� An innovative pioneer in benevolent behavior, which creates positive ripples within society to become a
true agent of change

� A social entrepreneur emboldened
to positively impact the world; inspirational difference-maker.

Pay It Forward with Passionaries

It began with an idea that grew into a book, which then became a mission.


Did you know that 56% of Americans volunteer? Millions of people are investing countless hours and billions of dollars to positively impact the lives around them.


Passionaries started as a compilation of stories of every day individuals who accomplished extraordinary change and embodied the importance of volunteering for the greater good. These men, women and children brought their personal passions into the world to create a healthy, lasting effect on society.


As positive feedback grew in response to the book and the people profiled within it, it became clear that there was a need for an informative and interactive resource designed for individuals who were now searching for ways to make a difference.


Welcome to, a website designed to empower you with the tools necessary to make a difference within your community.


From resources and contact information to volunteering possibilities and scholarships, get inspired to pay it forward with your personal passion.

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