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The USO is chartered by the Congress as a nonprofit, nongovernmental, charitable organization. Its mission is to increase the morale and provide recreation-type services for active military personnel. Currently operating 122 centers, including six mobile canteens around the world, the USO annually serves some 5,000,000 soldiers. These centers often offer free cell phones, internet use, and warm welcomes for servicemen and their families. Soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines and Coast Guardsmen value the volunteer contributions that deliver a "touch of home" to our troops. Since 1941, the USO’s commitment to be America’s link with her men and women in uniform has withstood the test of time. With the continued dedication of its legion of volunteers and charitable support from individuals and corporations, the USO will serve our soldiers.


USO World Headquarters

2111 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1200

Arlington, VA 22201

Telephone: (703) 908-6400

From Passionaries... Hope and Glory

Bob Hope, USO 


“A century of life and laughter came to a close in 2003, marking the final curtain call of Bob Hope’s splendid legacy of entertainment and service that touched the entire world. No one has performed more at benefits or raised more money for charities, especially his beloved United Service Organizations (USO). Asked how much he’d raised over the years, he’d always quip, “Not enough.”


Born Leslie Townes Hope to an impoverished English stonemason, the comedian parlayed his humor into his own 1938 radio show. That same year, he was featured in the first of his close to 70 movies, The Big Broadcast, which featured him crooning his famous signature song, “Thanks for the Memories.”


Bob Hope will remain an American institution in the entertainment world, a master of one-liners, quick-witted and a genius of comic response who regaled his fans in over 500 TV specials. In 1998, he sent the Library of Congress over 85,000 pages of jokes that will remain his legacy of humor…”