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In 1989, Betty Mohlenbrock created Family Literacy Foundation in San Diego to help end illiteracy, focusing on reading aloud to children. Family Literacy branched out in 1991 in to what is now know as United Through Reading which enables our overseas enlisted servicemen to be recorded reading a children’s book that is sent to their children who miss them back home sent to their children who miss them back home. More than 412,000 parents, spouses and children have benefited from the nationally acclaimed United Through Reading’s Military, Inmate and Grandparent programs.

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“In 1989, San Diego reading specialist, teacher and mother, Betty Mohlenbrock was deeply concerned that so many children in this country couldn’t read---and that one of the biggest reasons was the fact that parents weren’t reading out loud with their kids. Studies showed that this simple activity was the single best way to secure a child’s future academic success. Having raised her family, she also knew that reading together dramatically strengthened the bond between parent and child by providing a bridge for communication and sharing. Challenged to take action, Betty created United Through Reading (formerly called Family Literacy Foundation) with a lofty goal: to ensure that children from all backgrounds are audibly read to regularly...”