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Rainbow Days

In 1981, Cathey Brown’s mother was hospitalized for internal bleeding and Cathey confronted her family’s alcohol problem for the first time. She began to weigh the hereditary implications of alcoholism. Soon after, while watching TV, she listened to Betty Ford discuss her personal struggles with alcoholism and the opening of the Betty Ford Center. Cathey quit drinking that morning.


Told by a psychologist that there was nothing she could do about her daughter’s high-risk for alcoholism, Cathey took matters into her own hands. Intensive research led her to develop a small program for counseling children of alcoholics. Within a year, her program developed into Rainbow Days, which by 2003 worked with over 6,000 children a year across the country. Cathey and her teams of volunteers provide hope for children of addicted families.


In 2000, Cathey Brown received a Visionary Award handed to her by Betty Ford. “It was truly a highlight of my life because Mrs. Ford has influenced thousands of women like.


Rainbow Days

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