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Prison Entrepreneurship Program

In 2004, Catherine Rohr founded Prison Entrepreneurship Program in Texas to encourage inmates nearing release to be entrepreneurs and find success when they are mainstreamed back into society. Together with the support of almost 800 CEOs and community leaders, PEP has graduated more than 300 inmates in three years – with less than a 5% recidivism rate.


Break out of the mold and help set prisoners free from the cycle of crime.


Prison Entrepreneurship Program

P.O. Box 926274

Houston, TX 77292-6274

Telephone: (832) 767-0928

From The Gift of Passionaries...


Connecting Ideas from the Inside Out


“In 2003, as 26-year-old, model-gorgeous venture capitalist, Catherine Rohr sat in her Manhattan apartment, she could never have anticipated that her future would be behind bars – voluntarily – in a Texas men’s prison.How Catherine made this life transition, and the effects of her compassion on Texas criminals, is a story worthy of a feature movie. Everything in Catherine Rohr’s training pointed toward success: loving family, excellent education, supportive spouse, and the aptitude to compete and succeed in the world of private equity and high finance. Her newly minted Christian heart led her and her husband to take a mission trip to Romania where they worked with HIV orphans, face-to-face with third-world injustice and heartbreak. Returning from Romania, she felt restless and disturbed that her life was so centered on her own comfort and personal success. A year later she accompanied a friend on a trip with Chuck Colson and Prison Fellowship that would change her world…”