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Moms In Touch International

Founded in 1988 by Fern Nichols, Moms In Touch International has inspired groups of two or more moms who meet for one hour each week to pray for their children and their children’s schools, teachers, and administrators. There are currently almost 18,5000 registered MITI groups led by volunteers in all 50 of the United States and many more in 110 countries on six continents throughout the world. MITI booklets, including “The Four Steps of Prayer,” have been translated into 21 languages, including Braille.


Moms in Touch International

P.O. Box 1120

Poway, CA 92074-1120

Telephone: (800) 949-MOMS


From Passionaries... The Power of Prayer

Fern Nichols, Moms in Touch International

“It all began twenty years ago with one mom and her kids. As Fern Nichols prepared to send her two oldest boys to junior high school in British Columbia, Canada, she found herself growing apprehensive as the start of the school year approached. She and her husband had done all they could to prepare them—given them warnings about drugs and alcohol, discussed increased homework loads, did all they could to encourage healthy self-esteem. As parents, they had always emphasized the importance of choosing the right peer group and raised both boys to withstand unhealthy peer pressure. Still, the thought of what they might face made Fern shudder. What mom hasn’t had similar misgivings? Above all things, Fern knew that her greatest weapon, and the one in which she felt most confident, was prayer. Even as she prayed, the weight of what her boys were apt to confront in the pressure-cooker of junior high overwhelmed her. Not wanting to bear her fears alone, she asked God for another mother who felt the same burden to pray with every week for their kids and the school. Her prayer was answered when one mom came to pray. Then another was at her door, and another. Before long mothers from other schools were asking Fern to come teach them how to pray…”