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Mercy Ships International

Mercy Ships, a global charity, has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978. Since the maiden voyage of the Anastasis in 1982, an estimated 10,000 doctors, nurses and non-medical crew have shared their talents and hearts with the poor. Today, Mercy Ships has more than 850 crew and staff from more than 40 nations who serve fulltime onboard their ships, projects and offices in 17 countries. To date, the charity has treated more than 300,000 people in village medical clinics, performed 110,000 dental treatments, taught more than 5,500 local health care workers, and performed more than 18,000 operations such as cleft lip and palate, cataract, orthopedic and facial reconstruction. Mercy Ships has donated more than $21 million worth of medical equipment, hospital supplies and medicines in more than 50 nations.


Mercy Ships International Operations

PO Box 2020

Garden Valle, TX 75771

Telephone: (903) 939-7000


From Passionaries... Mercy on the High Seas

Don Stephens, Mercy Ships International 


“The world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship grew from the prayer of a teenage girl and its impact on a 19-year old Colorado farm boy. In 1964, Don Stephens sat cross-legged in an airplane hanger. His team of Youth with a Mission (YWAM) had sought shelter there against the fierce winds of Hurricane Cleo as it swept across the Bahamas. Together they prayed for the storm to abate and for the safety of every person on the island. By the time the sky cleared, lives and homes had been destroyed and many had died. Wouldn’t it be wonderful,” one of the students said, “to have a ship that could come in after this tragedy to bring hope and help for those in need?” As he sat huddled from the storm, Don never imagined that 18 years later this dream would become a reality. A few years later, Don and his wife, Deyon, read about a hospital ship that had served in developing nations after WW II. Don did some research and learned that 95 of the world’s 100 largest cities are port cities. He knew a hospital ship would be an effective vehicle to provide medical services….”