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Kids Korp USA

Founded in 1995 by Dawn Bodo and Joani Wafer, two sisters living thousands of miles apart, Kids Korps USA is a national, non-profit youth-volunteer organization. Their mission is to engage young people aged 5 to 18 in charitable activities and community-based services, instilling a sense of giving in children while providing teaching and leadership skills. Kids Korps’ 75 chapters (in California, Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Illinois) conduct more than 2,500 community-service projects impacting 100,000 youth and 25,000 parents or adults. Since 1994, over 15,000 volunteers have contributed over 525,000 hours of community service, representing more than $9,000,000 in-kind community value. That’s “Kid Power.” Child power charitable endeavors you = a better world.


Kids Korps USA

265 Santa Helena, Suite 110-A

Solana Beach, CA 92075

Telephone: (858) 259-3602

FAX: 858-259-3603


From Passionaries... Two Sisters´┐Ż Assignment from God


Joani Wafer & Dawn Bodo, Kids Korps USA

 ‘"Volunteering helps kids learn that service, not self-interest, holds our world together." …Psychologist John K. Rosemond


"When Meals-on-Wheels volunteers realized the people they were serving weren’t the only ones without food—that their pets were hungry too—they discovered the elderly shut-ins were splitting their sparse meals with their pets. Help came from a surprising source—kids. They enlisted the help of a chapter of the army of kids called Kids Korps USA who put together special pet treats like dog and cat biscuits packed in hand-decorated brown paper bags to accompany each Meals-on-Wheels delivery. Going further, other kids wrote letters to teens in prison or delivered homemade window boxes spilling over with bright flowers to nursing homes. Aged 5-18, they come from myriad backgrounds, united by a common compassion for others. Unbelievably, these kids may choose to spend time with an octogenarian rather than play Nintendo. There is no greater power than a child's capacity for caring. This was evident to Joani Wafer and Dawn Bodo, two sisters who, despite living thousands of miles apart, founded Kids Korps USA together in 1995 to tap the natural compassion of kids."


“They come into this life with a love for others that, when encouraged early, doesn’t go away,” says Joani, who started the first chapter in Rancho Santa Fe, California…”