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Hands and Feet Project

The Hands and Feet Project was started by Mark Stuart and Audio Adrenaline in 2004, when they purchased land to establish a village for abandoned children. They began construction in early 2005, and their first little girl arrived in the spring of that year. By 2007, more than 30 children ranging in age from 2 months to 9 years old live in the Hands and Feet children’s village near Jacmel, Haiti. Hands and Feet plans to expand next to Nicaragua. The mission of Hands and Feet is two-fold – first, to care for orphans and, second, to use pop culture to introduce the First World to the orphans of the Third World. Their vision is to raise a generation of orphans raised by their own cultures who will change their countries so orphanages are empty and Hands and Feet is out of a job. As the number of abandoned children is expected to grow to 40 in 2008, Hands and Feet plans to replicate the model, bringing artists and bands together with orphans. For $125 a month, an individual can sponsor a child, covering everything the child needs – including food, education, caretakers, clothing, medical care, water, and utilities. Additionally, volunteers are welcomed at the children’s village. Groups of up to 12 can stay at the children’s village, helping with construction and spending time with the children.


Sing it loud with Mark ~ Get involved help build a village for our children. 


The Hands and Feet Project

PO Box 682105 Franklin, TN 37068

Tel: 615-5504389


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A Village To Raise & Love Abandoned Children 


“Mark Stuart, the lead singer of the Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline, says his best day and worst day happened in the same 24-hour period, when the plight of a unknown girl, thousands of miles away and living a world apart from his affluent existence, broke his heart. It was July 8, 2007. A 16-year-old Haitian girl had learned she was pregnant, and she didn’t welcome the news. But she came up with a plan: She would give birth in a latrine and leave the child to die. When she went into labor, she left the baby girl lying at the bottom of a public toilet that was little more than a deep hole in the ground. Hearing the heartbreaking story of the girl and the baby she had left to die, made July 8 Mark’s worst day. But something happened that the young mother hadn’t counted on: A 14 year old boy saw what happened. When the girl left, he went and looked into the toilet, where he saw the newborn at the bottom of the 30 foot-deep hole. He went to a United Nations office for help. The boy led adults to the latrine, where they were able to lift the baby to safety. The next day, the child was taken to the Hands and feet Project, a children’s village started by Mark and his fellow Audio Adrenaline band members. While Mark wasn’t in Haiti at the time, he heard about the rescue as it was happening and saw the video the next day. “This baby was reborn almost,” Mark said. “She was wrapped in a sheet and pulled up by a rope. When my wife and I say that, it was very emotional for us. That was the worst day—and best.” They were hooked and committed to this child.”