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Global Heritage Fund

Founded in 2002 by Jeff Morgan, Global Heritage Fund is an international conservancy dedicated to protecting archaeological sites and ancient townscapes in developing countries. In preserving humanity's most important treasures, Global Heritage Fund invests capital, assembles a global network of experts, and works with governments for cultural heritage sites. They have developed a unique and holistic “Preservation By Design” methodology to achieve sustainable conservation, training, economic development, and funding for 14 sites worldwide, including Peru, Guatemala, Turkey, Iraq, Libya, Laos, Cambodia, China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. For those who wish to invest in protecting the treasures of the past for our future, GHF offers targeted trips and the adventure of a lifetime.


Grab your fedora, climb aboard, and help protect our world’s heritage treasures!


Global Heritage Fund

625 Emerson Street, Suite 200

Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA

Tel 1.650.325.7520 | Fax 1.650.325.7511 


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Saving World Heritage – One Site at a Time


“We had a vision from the beginning that we were not going to be a one-trick pony.’ – Jeff Morgan If you enjoyed the “National Treasure” movies, then you might think of Jeff Morgan as a Nicholas Cage for the world. As executive director of the nonprofit Global Heritage Fund (GHF), Jeff leads a mission to preserve and protect humanity’s most important archaeological and cultural treasures in developing countries. His vision takes him on quests like saving ancient ruins in Iraq, creating the largest national park in Guatemala, and protecting historic villages in China threatened by looting, lumbering, neglect, and urban sprawl. With 14 projects underway or in development, Jeff works with local governments to re-discover and value jewels like the Hampi ruins in India, the My Son temple in Vietnam, the Wat Phou temple in Laos, and projects in Pakistan, Turkey, Libya, and Peru. Although GHF is only 5 years old, the organization is already a “multi-trick pony.” As the son of legendary technology leader Jim Morgan, Jeff worked in Silicon Valley as a software marketing specialist. “When I cashed out of my second high-tech start-up, I decided to switch careers and find something that would use my unique set of skills, which are working in language and culture, ” Jeff stated. “There are 40 large wildlife-nature preservation groups worldwide, and yet nobody was focused on restoring endangered heritage sites, especially in the developing world. Since there was a big hole with no one filling it, I ‘volunteered’…’”