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Free Philanthropic Tools
Charity Net USA charity and nonprofit resources: provides free solutions and resources to nonprofit organizations and churches, such as free web directory for service awareness, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and more.


 Service Nation:  explore service opportunities, share your story, get plugged into service in your community. It is a campaign to inspire a new era of voluntary citizen service in America. 


 HandsOn Network & Points of Light Foundation (see Michelle Nunn profile on this great nonprofit organization in The Gift of Passionaries):  Over 1,000 tools, links, tips and resources available to help get involved in your community. Get project ideas for your company or community organization, or help you plan your own volunteer project.


 Social Venture Partners (see Darcy Bingham profile on SVP in The Gift of Passionaries) SVP (Seattle based) engages and connects a community of philanthropic leaders, strengthening local nonprofits, and catalyzing efforts to accelerate system change.  Check out their grant-making info:


Web Sites for Rating Financial Efficiency of Nonprofit Organizations


♥    Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance:

♥    Charity Navigator: great for finding accountability and rankings of nonprofits

♥    Oprah (recommends some terrific Oprah-rated nonprofits):

♥    Peter Drucker Foundation, Leader to Leader Institute:

♥    Guide Star provides information to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving: