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The Alpha Project

“The best case managers, “ Bob McElroy says, “are those who can sit on the other side of a desk and relate to a person who walks through the door seeking help. Nearly all our staff are people who have been there, done that. That’s why we are successful.” Since 1986, The Alpha Project has shown that when down-and-out people are given opportunities and support, many of them become community assets, rather than liabilities. Numbers tell just part of the story. Every day, The Alpha Project’s programs serve more than 2,000 homeless people. More than 12,000 different men, women, and children access one or more of their services each year. Their newest program launched in 2006, responds to the high mortality rate among the homeless. Their Hospice for the Homeless program provides assistance to veterans, homeless people, and indigent people facing terminal or chronic illness.

If your heart beats for the homeless, help make miracles happen. 

Alpha Project for the Homeless

Fifth Ave., Suite 203

San Diego, CA 92103

Tel: 619-542-1877  


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Opportunities, Not Handouts, for Homeless


“Bag ladies, dumpster divers, bums, panhandlers, dope fiends – that’s what the public usually thinks of when you mention the homeless,” says Bob McElroy, president and CEO of The Alpha Project in San Diego. “They believe these are worth no more than shelter’s offer them of ‘three hots and a cot.’” Since 1986, Bob and his Alpha Project team have been proving the skeptics wrong. Time and time again, they have demonstrated that when people living on the streets are given opportunities and support, they become communit assets rather than liabilities. By offering the homeless a fresh start, respect, and self-determination—rather than handouts, pity, and control—Alpha Project enables homeless people to end the cycle of dependence that prevents them from enjoying a life of dignity…”.