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Marie Johnson, American Sewing Guild

American Sewing Guild, incorporated in 1993, now has 20,000 members volunteering their time to sew items needed in schools, hospitals, and community organizations.By 2005, they had 130 chapters in 39 states.Place text here to describe your property.
From Passionaries´┐ŻSew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time
“When her neighborhood sewing guild presented a need for children’s clothing for an organization called “Aid to Women,” Marie Johnson was off and cutting. In a twenty-two month period, this productive widow from Cedar Rapids, Iowa sewed over 350 children’s items including t-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses and pajamas. Her philosophy is as simple as it is sincere: “Wouldn’t it make that mother feel good to have one nice outfit to put on her baby?” Love goes into every garment she makes and love goes out to everyone she meets. Incidentally, Marie is 84-years-old…”Place text here to describe your property.