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Airlines Ambassadors International

Since its inception in 1996, AAI has hand delivered over $50 million worth of medicine, medical supplies, school supplies, clothing and food on missions to 15 U.S. cities and 44 countries around the world.  More than 1000 children have been escorted to new homes or to a destination where they can receive medical care not available in their home countries. Over 70,000 school children are involved in humanitarian activities, instilling compassion and encouraging creative thinking about solutions to the global issues that affect us all. Operating on an annual budget of less than $180,000 per year since its inception, all mission participants pay their own expenses. Last year, volunteer members donated time and aid worth over $500,000. You can join the 6,000 health professionals, business executives, housewives, teachers, students, and most of all, the airline personnel helping children from all over the world.


Fly high! Lift the hearts and hopes of others in need.


Airlines Ambassadors International

418 California Avenue Suite 459

Moss Beach, CA 94038

From The Gift of Passionaries...


Wings of Hope and Voluntourism


“In the early 1980s, Nancy Rivard was steadily climbing the corporate ladder at American Airlines. She'd been promoted from flight attendant to supervisor and budding executive. Hard work had also earned her a Master’s degree—years of ambition and diligence were finally starting to pay dividends. Then on a Christmas Eve, her father died unexpectedly of bladder cancer. "My dad was only 54-years-old. What if I died tomorrow?" thought the 29-year-old Nancy. "I asked myself, ‘Do I feel right about what I’m doing?’ And the truth was I didn't. What I wanted was to know God and have a connection to something bigger…”